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Friction-Free Carbon Financing

  • An end-to-end carbon finance solution that reduces barriers for project funding, carbon unit issuance and distribution.


Prepare faster and better

  • Get pre-financing to launch the project

  • De-risk with pre-feasibility sign-off from registries and MRV Providers

  • Use our platform, templates, financial models and agreements to launch the ideal project at lower cost


Optimize financing

  • Optimized project financing from our capital partners

  • Structures that get you funded

  • De-risking and effortless SPV setup and administration


Distribute with ease

  • Manage carbon credit distribution and connect with buyers on the platform

Contact Us

Book a meeting or keep up to date with NOBON, the Voluntary Carbon Market, sustainability development and earth friendly topics.

We won't share your mail with anyone and will only be used for sharing relevant information regarding the carbon credit market. 

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