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Become a capital partner and see returns while saving the climate

Our innovative carbon financing platform enables developers, financiers and distributors to interact with confidence.

We support capital providers in allocating towards an aggregated supply of well structured high integrity projects.

We Offer


Carbon Project Supply

Access our aggregated supply of high quality projects.


Provide Capital

Become a capital partner and invest in structures or contracts that suits your business. 


Real Impact

Finance projects that make real difference for climate and nature.



Receive streams of capital and/or carbon credits.


Absolute Integrity

High integrity projects with select digital MRVs that ensure quality


Social Impact

Higher rate of capital to local communities and project activities

Contact Us

Book a meeting or keep up to date with NOBON, the Voluntary Carbon Market, sustainability development and earth friendly topics.

We won't share your mail with anyone and will only be used for sharing relevant information regarding the carbon credit market. 

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stay net positive

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