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  • Joakim Blom


Stockholm-based FinTech start-up NOBON and internationally-renowned Swedish Global Foundation LM International are happy to announce a new partnership.

Together, we will accelerate the global transition to net-zero while supporting vulnerable communities through improved food security and financial inclusion.

With a strong alignment of mission and values, NOBON and LM International saw an opportunity to propel efforts to create more social, environmental and financial impact.

The joint initiative builds on NOBON's existing funding platform, which launched in 2020 with the goal of mobilising capital to developing markets and bridging the SDG-funding gap, and LM International's strong experience in project development and strong global & local network of stakeholders. NOBON will provide an innovative, technology-enabled carbon finance and carbon credit platform and LM International will source and support high-quality development projects.

Together, for a sustainable future with no excess carbon

  • Incentivise and support communities & collective companies to develop and own carbon projects through climate resilience programmes

  • Empower communities to issue and sell carbon credits directly on the NOBON platform

  • Promote financial inclusion and independence through carbon credit income streams and integrated financial products

  • Improve food security through innovative new soil techniques to improve crop yield

  • Remove more CO2 from the atmosphere, supporting the fight against global warming

  • Create a better way to buy, trade, retire and custody carbon credits

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