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We are a net-zero enabler, paving the way to a carbon-negative future, that creates more social impact through financial inclusion.


We want to disrupt traditional carbon project development by incentivising communities to develop and manage their own carbon projects. 

Our Solution

SDG Goal 1

No Poverty

We increase the capital stream to developing countries through project financing and through providing a platform on which local communities can sell their carbon credits. We boost employment and create long-term recurring revenue streams.

SDG Goal 2

Zero Hunger

We improve food security by enabling investments in more sustainable farming and resilient forms of agriculture. Enhanced soil quality consequently results in more efficient carbon sequestration and food production.

SDG Goal 5

Gender Equality

We promote gender equality by working with projects that specifically support women's groups through employment, income and education.

SDG Goal 13

Climate Action

Our solution actively benefits the environment and supports the race to net zero through our careful selection of high-quality nature-based carbon removal projects.

SDG Goal 17

Partnership for the Goals

We engage in collaborative partnerships across countries, continents and sectors for enhanced sustainable development and global resilience.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the leading and most trusted carbon project financing platform, accelerating the global transition to net zero while promoting financial inclusion in developing countries.

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